About us

Sewing and fiber arts have been a passion throughout my life.  Many twists and turns have taken me to where I am today - combining my creativity with my love of Judaism.  I grew up in a conservative Jewish home and it has remained a stronghold in my life.  

As a young child, my mother taught me how to sew.  My grandmother taught me how to knit, crochet, needlepoint and so much more.  She also instilled a lifelong belief that if it’s worth doing, it must be perfect.  That was just the beginning!

My other passion is dogs! I've had dogs my entire life and felt they needed to wear a variety of holiday themed bandanas. Maggie, my RIP Golden Retriever LOVED to model my bandanas. She'll always remain my favorite model and is featured in many of the pictures you'll enjoy here. 


As a young professional, I worked as a District Manager for a couple of large retail companies. When my first son was born, I couldn't find any cute boys clothes so I started making my own. Everywhere we went, people commented on his outfits.  That was the beginning of my Children’s wear company.  Started out in a small bedroom in my home — I took advantage of all nap times and bedtimes to create and sew. TatarTogs was growing and doing well.  

Then along came my twin boys. I thought I was putting everything on hold until I could work again. Life had other ideas - I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when they were two years old and I had to retire TatarTogs. For years, I sewed, I knit and created to keep myself busy and fulfilled (as if twin babies and a preschooler weren’t enough!).  

In Shul, I started wearing a Talit and couldn't fine one that I felt comfortable wearing. My Zayde's Tallit just didn't do it for me anymore. So I made my own. When congregants kept asking where I got it, I began making them for others. 

While I was done giving birth to children, I then gave birth to CreativelyPam, where I channeled my creative endeavors into my new business of creating custom tallit, making challah covers, all items I could think of using Judaica fabric or creating my own designs with fabric. I now have a huge sewing studio in my basement and too much fabric and yarn!.

My passion remains with creating special tallit and all things Jewish. Dog bandanas for all Jewish Holidays and more also fill my heart with joy!

Additionally, I offer custom orders for your special needs.